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AIPO Explores Innovation in Singapore: Network Building, Capacity-Building, and Knowledge Exchange

The Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) recently embarked on a trip to Singapore with the goal of expanding its network, observing best practices, and creating new linkages with Singaporean companies, organizations, and institutions. The AIPO team had a packed itinerary from March 6-9, 2023 that included visiting incubation facilities to gain insights on spaces conducive to innovation, conducting an ocular for a knowledge exchange program, and capacity-building of AIPO staff through a design-thinking workshop.


One of the primary objectives of the visit was to observe best practices of Singapore's innovation environment. Singapore is known for its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and AIPO wanted to learn from its success. The team visited various incubation facilities, including the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL) - InLab, The Good Hub, and Social Collider which provide startups with affordable and flexible spaces to work and collaborate. AIPO also observed how Singapore encourages research and development, and how its government supports innovation through funding programs and partnerships with the private sector.

Photo: AIPO with representatives from The Good Hub and Social Collider

Photo: AIPO team in IAL inLab

AIPO was able to meet companies in finance, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors, gaining insights into Singapore's business ecosystem and learning about cutting-edge developments. The team was also able to gain understanding of Singapore's government policies, strategies, and frameworks that contributed to the country's economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability. Singapore is one of the world’s leaders in innovative approaches to urban planning, water management, and green initiatives, and AIPO was able to take a glimpse on how the city-state addresses sustainability challenges.

Photo: Engr Mirasol and Mr Quitoriano of AIPO discussing with Mr Aldrin Tee and Mr Vas of TSD Consulting

Photo: Visit to Leave a Nest Singapore Office

The AIPO team also conducted an ocular of various institutes for a knowledge exchange program. This program aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the Philippines and Singapore. The AIPO was able to discuss potential partnerships with local universities such as the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for academic collaboration, research opportunities, and knowledge exchange with subject matter experts. During the visits to these various Singapore universities, AIPO observed how vital support and networking from their alumni greatly enhanced the learning process of the students, instilling their entrepreneurial spirit and accelerating the commercialization of their research works and ideas.

Photo: Visit to National University of Singapore (NUS)

Photo: Visit to City Developments Limited - Incubator Space for SDGs

Photo: Visit to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) collaborative spaces

Photo: Visit to Lyf Innovation Lab

Photo: Visit to Institute of Adult Learning (IAL)

Another highlight of the trip included capacity-building of AIPO staff through a design-thinking session. These workshops provided AIPO staff with new skills and knowledge that they can use to further support startups and innovators in the Philippines. The workshop focused on the topic of empathy and human-centered design.

Photo: AIPO staff practicing empathy during the Design Thinking workshop

Photo: AIPO Group photo with the DesignThinkers Academy team

By forging new partnerships and collaborations, AIPO can bring new ideas and technologies to the Philippines, benefiting both countries. The capacity-building of AIPO staff through design-thinking workshops is also a significant step towards providing better support to startups and entrepreneurs in the Philippines. With continued efforts and collaborations, the Philippines can continue to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, driving economic growth and development.

If you are interested to partner up with the AIPO or learn more about what the office can do for you, visit or send an email to


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