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AIPO holds an Intellectual Property (IP) Learning Session at the NEXPH Startup Acceleration Program Cohort 5 Kickoff Event

On May 10, 2024, the Protection and Education Group of the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) held an informative learning session about Intellectual Property (IP) at the StartUp Acceleration Program Kickoff Event of the New Energy Nexus Philippines (NexPH). The event was held at the Jade Hotel and Suites, Makati City, and was attended by almost 40 participants from NexPH Cohort 5. 

The kickoff event is the start of the NexPH three-month acceleration program, with their current cohort designed to equip them with skills, from marketing to mastering business and IP strategies, while networking with people from different industries for collaboration and support. 

Photo: AIPO with the New Energy Nexus Philippines team (left to right: Mr Jan Ralph Ebora, Program Manager for StartUp Development; Ms Madielaine Fatallo and Ms Vanessa Malapit of AIPO; and Ms Brenda Valerio, Country Manager of New Energy Nexus Philippines).

The learning session, presented by Ms Madielaine Fatallo, Research Officer from the Protection and Education Group (PEG), and Ms Vanessa Malapit MSc, Head of PEG - AIPO, highlighted various aspects of IP protection. They covered key topics on IP basics, highlighting patents and trademarks, as these IP types are highly beneficial to startups. Practical guidance was provided on the process of registering these IP rights in the Philippines and internationally, as well as the potential benefits and challenges involved. Participants actively engaged in the discussion by seeking clarifications on topics specific to their IP-related concerns.

Photo: Ms Madielaine Fatallo discussing the importance of the IP system.

Photo: Ms Vanessa Malapit explaining trademarks and the importance of coming up with your mark.

This IP learning session offered an invaluable opportunity for startups to deepen their understanding of this aspect of their business. By equipping startups with knowledge and insights into IP protection, the session contributed to fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability in the startup ecosystem.


For more IP-related sessions like this, you may visit or email them at You may also check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the latest updates and announcements. 

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