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  • April Joy Haro

Capacitating Chemistry and Physics Teachers: The ADMU-SoSE Lab-in-a-Box Science Workshop Series

Updated: 4 days ago

In an age where scientific literacy is increasingly crucial, accessibility to hands-on science education remains a challenge. However, an educational innovation is reshaping this landscape – the SoSE Lab-in-a-Box. This innovative concept brings the marvels of experimentation and discovery directly into homes and classrooms, democratizing access to scientific exploration like never before.

Photo: The Chemistry lab kit

The Lab-in-a-Box kits were developed by some Chemistry and Physics faculty members of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) School of Science and Engineering (SoSE) to address the need for laboratory courses during the pandemic. They are used for safe and self-guided hands-on experiments, allowing students to learn essential laboratory skills and scientific concepts. The kits have been used at home by college students during the pandemic. They are also suitable for classroom use with very minimal requirements for added versatility. 

Realizing the potential of the kits to facilitate learning on a much bigger scale, these kits have been redesigned for use in STEM Senior High Schools with limited laboratory spaces or experimental set-ups. Through this initiative, ADMU-SoSE hopes to address the country’s need for laboratory and hands-on teaching in basic education. 

To share this innovation with teachers across the Philippines, and in line with ADMU’s thrust in education reform and transformation, the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO), in partnership with the School of Science and Engineering (SoSE), has launched an outreach workshop series. The first of such workshops, entitled “Teaching STEM Chemistry and Physics with SoSE Lab-in-a-Box”, was held on 16 March, 2024 at PLDT-CTC Building in ADMU’s Loyola Heights campus. 

Various Chemistry and Physics teachers from schools across NCR and nearby regions participated in this hands-on workshop.  The goal of the workshop series is to demonstrate how to effectively use the SoSE Lab-in-a-Box Kits and Modules to teach the required STEM Chemistry and Physics learning competencies with a laboratory component.

Photo: Dr. Erwin P. Enriquez, Ateneo Chemistry faculty, leading the Lab-in-a-Box workshop for Chemistry
Photo: Mr. Ivan Culaba, Ateneo Physics faculty, leading the Lab-in-a-Box workshop for Physics 

The SoSE Lab-in-a-Box offers, among other things, the following features: (1) it teaches real laboratory skills, (2) the experiment modules in these kits make the teaching of abstract scientific concepts in the STEM curriculum easier, and (3) it provides a safe and cost-effective way to conduct laboratory activities in resource-limited settings. During the workshop, participants were provided with lab kits which they brought back to their respective schools after the workshop.

The participants immediately expressed interest in acquiring these kits for use in their respective schools. And we believe we are just starting. ADMU-SoSE and AIPO are set to continue the series of workshops in other regions all over the country to capacitate more teachers, enable more students to use the kits, and bring science education in the country to greater heights.


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