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Empowering Partnerships: SECRA Culmination Meeting in Sri Lanka

Photo: SECRA consortium

The culminating event of the Strengthening University-Enterprise Collaboration for Resilient Communities in Asia (SECRA) project took place in Sri Lanka from March 15 to 21, 2024 marking a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts to foster resilience and innovation in the region.

The event was kicked off with an opening ceremony on the night of March 15, setting the stage for the next two days of insightful discussions and presentations for the 1st Colombo International Conference on University-Industry Collaborations for Sustainable Development (ICSD) 2024. The conference was held from March 16 to 17, which provided a platform for stakeholders to present their research and explore innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

Photo: Philippine delegates at the opening ceremony of the 1st Colombo Conference with conference organizers and SECRA colleagues

One of the highlights of The Colombo Conference was the presentation of a paper by the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) team on their design thinking approach to driving health innovations forward. The paper showcased how the process of design thinking helped Ateneo researchers, in collaboration with industry partners, approach creative problem-solving, highlighting the crucial role of university-enterprise collaboration in driving meaningful change.

Photo: Mr Bryan Erfe presenting the AIPO paper

Following the Colombo Conference, the days of March 19 to 21 were dedicated to the SECRA Sri Lanka Meeting, where project consortium partners convened to reflect on the achievements, challenges, and lessons learned throughout the multi-year project. The meeting provided an opportunity to review the progress made in strengthening university-enterprise collaboration and fostering innovation for disaster risk management not only in Sri Lanka but across Asia as well.

Photo: Ateneo de Manila University representatives

The Ateneo was represented by SECRA Project members from the the John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM): Mr Joselito Olpoc; Ateneo Institute of Sustainability (AIS): Mr Daniel C Ratilla and Ms Jean Jardeleza-Mijares; and members from the AIPO: Ms Mariela Alcaparas and Mr Bryan James Erfe. Throughout the Sri Lanka Meeting, participants engaged in lively discussions, interactive workshops, and collaborative sessions aimed at identifying opportunities for future collaboration and sustainable impact. Additionally, representatives from the AIS facilitated a Systems Thinking Workshop during the SECRA meeting, providing valuable insights into holistic problem-solving approaches.

Photo: Ms Mijares and Mr Ratilla facilitating the Systems Thinking workshop

The SECRA culmination meeting served as a platform for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and networking among stakeholders, paving the way for continued efforts to build resilient communities in the region. Through harnessing the collective expertise, resources, and commitment of partners from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines, the SECRA project was able to make meaningful contributions to building a more resilient and sustainable future for communities across Asia.


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