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Unlocking Innovation: Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) Orientation

On November 14, 2023, the Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) commenced, serving as the catalyst for pioneering ideas to evolve from mere concepts into reality. In an era shaped by rapid technological progress, STEP explores the frontier of innovation, situated at the intersection of science, entrepreneurship, creativity, and transformative breakthroughs.

Photo: Group photo of STEP participants, trainers, and mentors during the online orientation.

The STEP is designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, bridging the gap between research and business, and equip participants with the skills to identify commercial prospects, create strategic plans, and effectively communicate the value of their research to potential investors. The program leverages participants' research experience as a foundation for growth.

Throughout STEP, participants will engage in the development of technology commercialization plans, pitch decks, and grant proposals, with the ultimate goal of cultivating spin-off companies poised for innovation commercialization within PCIEERD's FASTRAC program.

The STEP will adopt a hybrid approach, seamlessly blending online and onsite components to maximize participant engagement and learning. The primary platform for online sessions will be via Zoom, while onsite activities will take place at the Sandbox, Arete Building, Ateneo de Manila University campus.

The Head of the Commercialization and Business Incubation Group (CBIG) of the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO), Engr Benjamin Mirasol, has meticulously chosen mentors who excel and are highly experienced in the business and entrepreneurship industries. Throughout the program, participants will focus on key topics crucial for successful technology commercialization, including entrepreneurial mindset, marketing basics, competitive advantage, business plan development, and funding.

Photo: Group photo of STEP participants, trainers, and mentors during the online orientation.

The objective of the orientation is to disseminate comprehensive information about the entire program and to cultivate heightened enthusiasm among participants regarding their creations in the first phase. Despite the physical distance, the online platform poses no hindrance to the forging of connections. Virtual breakout sessions and networking events provide opportunities for participants to connect, share ideas, and lay the groundwork for future collaborations. In this digital age, connectivity is not merely a luxury but a necessity, and today's orientation sets the stage for a network that extends well beyond the confines of physical space.

The STEP refuses to be confined by borders. It transcends the limitations of physical classrooms, offering a curriculum that embraces a global perspective. Participants will gain insights into international markets, cultural nuances, and the diverse challenges that technology can address on a global scale. The online format mirrors the program's commitment to preparing entrepreneurs for the interconnected world they are poised to influence.


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