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Services Provided

- Incubation Space

- Startup Workshops

- IP Commercial Evaluation

- Mentoring and Business Consultations

- Networking and Industry Matching

- Funding/Investment Assistance

- Business Registration

Functions of the Commercialization and Business Incubation Group

The main function of the Commercialization and Business Incubation Group (CBIG), is to commercialize the IP generated by the university. It also manages The Blue Nest Incubation Program.

Technology Transfer

CBIG serves as the technology transfer arm of the AIPO. The scientific research and innovation of the university can only be benefited from if it is used. To this end, the CBIG connects with potential clients in industry and government to secure licensing agreements, or to support innovators in creating their spin-off companies that will utilize their innovations.

The Blue Nest Incubation Program

The CBIG manages AIPO's startup incubation program titled, The Blue Nest. Through this program, startups are offered options to avail of office space, business registration support, and mentoring. CBIG also provides industry matching as well as funding and investment assistance. To learn more, visit The Blue Nest Incubation Program.

IP Commercialization Support

Innovators and creators can seek CBIG support in the  commercialization of their IP. CBIG can conduct IP evaluations to determine its commercial value. CBIG also provides development support through consultations and connecting with various experts to help develop an IP to ensure its commercializability.

Commercialization and
Business Incubation

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