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Services Provided

- Innovation Audit and Consultancy

- Innovation Strategy Sessions

- Training and Workshops

- Research Fund Linking

- R&D Project Proposal Writing

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What is Ideation all about?

Innovation is in a fast phase transition in the marketplace. A lot of products are being replaced by services and new competitions arise everyday. Understanding where and how innovations come from, gives organizations the ability to respond to these changes in unconventional ways by learning new tools and strategies in creating viable products. Innovation is the process and outcome of creating something new, which is also of value.

Ideation arises from conducting enough research about the user which will then lead to identifying a clear problem. There are various ideation techniques that could be used to come up with a diverse range of ideas. Generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic, with no attempt to judge or evaluate them is important in coming up with a solution design.

An Ideation process is highly beneficial to the design process. It keeps the researcher focused on users rather than what is technically viable. The process also gives rise to a variety of perspectives, allowing researchers to think outside the box and explore new ideas. A successful ideation process will bring researchers one step closer to the optimal solution, casting their nets wide in exploring new angles with pool of ideas to work with.


Description of ISG

The main function of the Ideation Support Group (ISG) is to help the university and its partners generate Intellectual Property (IP) that is innovative, sustainable, and potentially commercializable to meet society's needs. Its other functions are:

  • To create programs/activities that will lead to IP generation.

  • To hold activities that will promote the AIPO and its services

  • To bridge the gap between industry and academe in the generation and development of technology

  • To establish linkages with industry for collaboration and partnerships

Ideation Support

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