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The University is committed to ensuring that copyrighted works of the creators are respected and protected against misuse and unauthorized use.


The copyrighted works refer to any literary, artistic, scholarly, scientific, and derivative work which qualify for copyright protection under Intellectual Property Code. The copyright owner/s shall have the exclusive right to carry out, authorize, or prevent the following such as: reproduction, distribution, sales, renting out, public display, public performance, public communication, and even the transformation of the work (Sec. 177, RA 8293). For further information about copyright, you may visit: and


It was recently brought to our attention that some copyrighted ADMU course materials of a department in one of our school units were uploaded in the online platform  Course Hero without the consent of the copyright owners. This platform, which is accessible at, has a community of students and educators who share resources to support student learning. Our office notified Course Hero of the unauthorized distribution and the site administrators promptly took down the identified materials.


According to Course Hero’s Terms of Use and Honor Code, Course Hero respects intellectual property rights and reserves the right to delete or disable content alleged to be infringing, and to terminate the accounts of repeat alleged infringers. In case you notice that someone has uploaded your work without your permission, you are encouraged to use their quick and simple form to submit a takedown request. Here’s the link -- .


We take this opportunity to remind all units to cascade and reiterate that online posting of course materials in any platform is not allowed absent an express permission from the copyright owner.  This includes platforms available to the public such as Course Hero.


We further seek the assistance of everyone in the community as we combat the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials in any platform.  We urge all parties who may have had their materials uploaded online without their consent to access the platform’s takedown mechanism to disable access to the materials and then report these sites to our office so that we can help monitor them from time to time.


Together we can safeguard each other’s copyright over our course materials. 

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