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Protection and Education

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Services Provided

- IP Consultation

- Prior Art/Trademark Search

- Technology Landscaping
- Patent/Utility Model/Industrial Design Drafting
- Copyright/Trademark Registration
- IP Licensing
- IP Workshops/Clinics
- IP Rights Enforcement

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What is Intellectual Property Protection and Education?


Any original creation of human mind such as an invention, a design, or a brand name is identified as intellectual property. Unlike any other assets, these properties are intangible. It can be easily replicated and stolen by anyone when not secured. Creators invest a lot of effort, time, and money to create and share something new that will make our everyday life comfortable. Indeed, awareness on safeguarding the intellectual properties is important in uplifting the moral aspect of the creator as well as every aspect of human lives.  


          As governed by laws, intellectual property rights such as copyrights and industrial property rights help the creators to protect their creations from the impermissible utilization of others. It guarantees the owner for having the exclusive control and benefits from his/her creation. It also offers motivation to create new ideas which can fuel up healthy competition among creators hence sustaining human development.


Intellectual property protection and education plays a crucial role in stimulating innovation. Through protection, the creators are required to disclose their work to the public permitting anyone to learn from it which delivers a challenge to others of developing new technology or improving on the existing ones. When an improved or new technology has reached the market place and needs, it boosts business partnerships and employment leading to the overall economic growth of the society.


Description of Protection and Education Group (PEG)

PEG's main function is to educate creators on safeguarding intellectual properties. Specifically the PEG aims to:

  • Manage research sourcing and extracting pertinent intellectual property information

  • Evaluate the different intellectual properties for protection

  • Promote awareness of intellectual property rights within the community


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