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Copyright Registration Request

According to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), copyright provides legal protection to the owner of the rights in an original work. An "original work" refers to intellectual creations in the literary, scientific, and artistic domains.

The IP Code, which governs copyright in the Philippines, includes various forms of literary and artistic works such as books, writings, musical works, films, photographic works, ornamental designs or models of manufacture, paintings, sculptures, computer programs, mobile apps, and more.

Under the IP Code, authors, artists, and other creators receive automatic protection for their literary and artistic creations from the moment they create them. It is important to note that registration and deposit of your works are not mandatory. However, authors and artists have the option to file for copyright registration with IPOPHL, which can result in the issuance of a certificate of copyright registration.

If you choose to register for copyright with IPOPHL, the AIPO can assist you in the registration process. Please find the instructions below on how to proceed with copyright registration.

To request for a copyright registration, service, fill up the form below:

Send the fully accomplished form here:


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