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Ideation Support

Innovate today to shape tomorrow!

- Training and workshops on Design Thinking, TRIZ, and more!

- Expert and Researcher Linking

- Research Fund Support Linking

- R&D Project Proposal Writing


Protection and Education

Secure exclusive rights to your innovation!

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- IP Consultation

- Prior Art/Trademark Search

- Technology Landscaping
- Patent/Utility Model/Industrial Design Drafting
- Copyright/Trademark Registration
- IP Licensing
- IP Workshops/Clinics
- IP Rights Enforcement


Commercialization and Business Incubation

Turn your creation into the next sensation!

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- Incubation Space

- Startup Workshops

- IP Commercial Evaluation

- Mentoring and Business Consultations

- Networking and Industry Matching

- Funding/Investment Assistance

- Business Registration

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