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Advancing Science Education in Cagayan de Oro: Introducing ADMU's Innovative Lab-in-a-box Kits

In a series of strategic visits, representatives from the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)  School of Science and Engineering (SoSE) and the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) introduced groundbreaking Chemistry and Physics Lab-in-a-Box Kits to several institutions in Cagayan de Oro. These visits aimed to revolutionize science education by providing accessible and practical tools for hands-on learning in environments with limited laboratory resources.

The Chemistry and Physics Lab-in-a-box Kits, developed by the ADMU-SoSE, was initially crafted for college students to meet their needs during the pandemic, addressing the challenge of conducting hands-on laboratory exercises in a virtual setting without necessary equipment. These hands-on learning opportunities help students better understand theoretical concepts through practical application, fostering curiosity and a deeper interest in science. The resource availability means that students can perform experiments even if their school's laboratory facilities are limited, making scientific experimentation accessible to a wider range of students, regardless of their school's resources.

The Chemistry Lab-in-a-Box Kit includes equipment and reagents for conducting essential experiments that cover various topics in chemistry. Similarly, the Physics Lab-in-a-Box Kit contains instruments and materials needed to explore fundamental concepts in physics. These kits are designed to be user-friendly, making them suitable for classroom use and experiments conducted at home.

Furthermore, the kits come with detailed manuals that guide teachers through the setup and execution of each experiment, making it easier to integrate into existing curricula. These resources can also serve as tools for teacher training and professional development, enhancing their ability to deliver effective science education.

Enhancing Hands-on Learning at Xavier University

Photo: Photo op of ADMU-SoSE and AIPO with the faculties of Xavier University

On the afternoon of May 8, 2024, ADMU's representatives introduced the Lab Kits to Xavier University’s science educators, including key figures such as Physics and Chemistry teachers, science heads, principals, and supervisors from both Senior High and Junior High levels.

Photo: Mr George Quitoriano and Ms Mariela Alcaparas of AIPO presenting the Lab-in-a-box to the

faculties of Xavier University

The response from Xavier University's educators was overwhelmingly positive. They praised the kits for their practicality and versatility, noting how these tools could significantly enhance students' learning experiences. The feedback and insights gathered from this visit will be instrumental in refining the lab kits to better meet the needs of educators and students.

Forging Collaborations with MSU-IIT

Photo: Photo op of ADMU-SoSE and AIPO with MSU-IIT Exploratory Meeting

On the same day, ADMU's team was warmly welcomed by the Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). During the visit, the SoSE and AIPO team met with Dr Amelia Buan, the Senior High Principal at MSU-IIT, to explore potential collaborations. Both parties agreed to form a partnership to introduce Science Lab Kits throughout Region X.

Photo: Ms Mariela Alcaparas of ADMU-AIPO introduces SoSE Chemistry Lab Kit to Dr Ameila Buan, the Senior High School Principal of MSU-IIT

Given MSU-IIT's role in training schools in Cagayan de Oro, this partnership will educate teachers and students on the effective use of these lab kits. This partnership aims to significantly enhance science education in the region, anticipating a positive impact on Region X and beyond.

Introducing Lab-in-a-Box Kits at USTP

Photo: AIPO and SoSE with USTP Collaborators photo op

On May 10, 2024, the ADMU team visited the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) to introduce the Lab-in-a-Box kits. The visit sparked significant interest among USTP administrators and faculty, leading to an exclusive webinar scheduled for June. This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the Lab-in-a-Box kits and explore their application in enhancing science education at the college level.

Photo: Collaboration between ADMU and USTP at the USTP laboratory

ADMU's introduction of the Chemistry and Physics Lab-in-a-Box Kits to the schools in CDO marks a significant step towards improving science education in the region. Their mission is to cultivate a new wave of scientists and engineers with the practical skills and knowledge needed to excel in their disciplines.


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