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Ateneo Blue Nest Incubation Launch

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The Ateneo Blue Nest Incubation Launch will be held on July 26, 2023 (Wednesday), 2:00 PM

– 3:00 PM, at the Areté Sandbox Ateneo de Manila University. This launch is part of what AIPO has committed under the DOST-funded project “Accelerating the Growth of the Ateneo Blue Nest Incubation Program.” The said project is under DOST’s Higher Education Institution Readiness for Innovation and Technopreneurship (HEIRIT) program which is designed to help universities meet the requirements for the Council’s TBI funding, and to train their managers to run their own DOST-affiliated TBIs and cater to the growing demand for early-stage entrepreneurial support particularly in the regions.

This is an event that brings together exceptional researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about science and technology. This represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the spirit of scientific exploration and innovation.

During the ceremonial opening, you will have the opportunity to explore the vibrant ecosystem of the Ateneo Blue Nest Incubation Space. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of innovation and collaboration as you interact with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry experts, and mentors who are passionate about sustainability.

The ceremony will feature distinguished keynote speakers who will share their insights on the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship and the role it plays in shaping a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible future. You will witness firsthand the transformative impact that startups incubated within the Ateneo Blue Nest incubation program are poised to make in diverse sectors, from renewable energy and conservation to social impact and sustainable technology.

The event will also provide a platform to network and forge valuable connections with influential stakeholders, investors, and thought leaders who share a common vision of sustainability. Engage in conversations that will inspire and broaden your perspectives, while fostering potential collaborations that can propel your own ventures forward.

The AIPO is excited to celebrate this milestone together, as they collectively embark on a journey to harness the power of sustainable entrepreneurship for a better world. Join them at the Ateneo Blue Nest Incubation Space's ceremonial opening and become part of a transformative movement that will shape the future of sustainable innovation.


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