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Capilli Trading: Transforming Waste into Innovation and Recognition

Updated: Jan 18

In the heart of Northern Mindanao lies a revolutionary enterprise, Capilli Trading Inc., pioneering a transformative approach towards waste management and economic sustainability. Dedicated to reshaping perceptions of human waste hair, Capilli is carving a path toward social, economic, and environmental progression.

Photo with the San Roque Multi-Purpose Coop. Community

By collecting, processing, and trading human waste hair, this social enterprise has redefined the narrative surrounding waste products. Their mission extends beyond mere waste management; it is about fostering community empowerment, and economic growth, and countering the detrimental environmental impacts of waste human hair.

In the past quarter, Capilli has garnered significant accolades, underscoring its commitment to innovation and social impact. 

They have been recognized with the award “BPI Direct BanKo Negosyo Ko Award” by BPI Sinag 2023 for their combination of good financial performance and social impact.

Capilli also joined the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines which signifies the company’s integration into a vast business network. With over 700 members and a robust government partnership, this membership opens doors to unparalleled business opportunities on economic and legislative fronts.

Photo of the Induction into the ECCP

In addition, the company was named the “Best Startup of the Year” at the Iligan Business Awards. Over 80 esteemed establishments were honored, and Capilli was recognized as the Best Startup highlighting their exceptional contributions to Iligan City's growth.

Photo at the Iligan Business Awards 2023

Currently, Capilli is trying to break more barriers by launching its online store on Shopee. Their star product, Grow Mats, made from recycled human hair, is not just a product; but is also a game-changer for eco-friendly agriculture. These mats offer a slew of benefits—sustainability, better water retention, natural nutrient enrichment, weed resistance, and cost-effectiveness—showcasing Capilli's commitment to a greener future.

Check out Capilli's Shopee store to explore their innovative products and support their journey towards sustainable innovation.

Capilli’s recent achievements are a testament to their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community impact. They're rewriting the rules of waste management, leading the way to a brighter, more sustainable future, one innovative step at a time.


Capilli Trading, Inc. is a startup incubatee under the Ateneo Blue Nest. To know more about the program, visit:


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Capilli is revolutionizing waste management by collecting, processing, and trading human waste hair. Their mission goes beyond waste management, aiming to foster community empowerment, economic growth, and mitigate the environmental impacts of waste human hair.

In the past quarter, Capilli has received significant recognition for their innovative approach and social impact.

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