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NYHA Robotics: Revolutionizing STEM Education with Innovative Robotics Kits and Programs

Updated: Jan 18

In an era driven by technological advancements, the quest for quality STEM education remains a significant challenge. However, NYHA Robotics, an educational startup, strives to revolutionize robotics education and accessibility for learners worldwide.

Photo of Arthur Betez Jr., CEO of NYHA Robotics

NYHA Robotics is dedicated to delivering top-tier STEM education through the lens of robotics. It addresses a prevalent issue: the exorbitant costs and impracticality of Western-centric robotics curricula in diverse settings, especially in third-world countries.

Eyeing to help students aged 8-18, NYHA Robotics presents an all-encompassing learning kit designed for home-based, self-paced learning. Their educational robotics kit caters to beginners, providing everything needed to initiate a journey into the world of robotics. Alongside kits, the company offers workshops and event packages, making robotics education engaging and accessible.

Under the guidance of NYHA’s founder and director, Arthur Betez Jr, students from Taguig Science High School achieved unprecedented success at the World Robot Games Taipei 2023, as the team won an astounding 42 medals.

Photo of the Taguig Science High School Team with Athur Betez Jr.

This exceptional achievement not only celebrates success but also serves as an inspiration, fueling the passion of aspiring robotic enthusiasts and affirming the commitment to nurturing talent in the realm of robotics education.

NYHA Robotics embarks on a new chapter with the launch of NYHA Robotics School, inviting aspiring tech enthusiasts to be part of a transformative journey. The school promises comprehensive programs and expert guidance, fostering technical skills, creativity, and problem-solving mindsets. Through this initiative, NYHA Robotics aims to shape the future of technology by nurturing young minds.

The company invites enthusiasts to explore their captivating range of kits, meticulously designed to ignite creativity and hands-on learning. By visiting, individuals can immerse themselves in a world where imagination takes form and robots come to life.

Photo of the NYHA "All-in-One Starter Kit"

As NYHA Robotics continues to pave the way for accessible, innovative, and engaging robotics education, it stands to promote the power of technology in shaping future generations of innovators.


NYHA Robotics is a startup incubatee under the Ateneo Blue Nest. To know more about the program, visit:


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