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Trademarks in a Nutshell

We encounter trademarks daily. However, we likely do not call them as such and see them as brands. The mobile phone, tablet or computer you are using to view this article has a brand. The toothpaste you used to brush your teeth after you ate also has a brand. Indeed, for marketing purposes brands are important. If we want to protect our intellectual property right, we may want to trademark the brand.

The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines provides what may and may not be registered as a mark. In a nutshell, we are limited to marks that are visible such as word marks, logos, devices or a combination of words and logos/devices. Everyone who makes their products and services available to the public yearns to distinguish themselves from other providers of similar products or services. A great way to do it is by coming up with a unique brand for the public to associate with quality goods or services. That brand is what we seek to protect and make ours exclusively.

Do you have a brand in mind for your own future enterprise? Or perhaps you are already calling your product or service a certain name? What are you waiting for then? Do consult with AIPO and get started protecting that brand that you either use or want to start using!

*registration fees apply


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