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AIPO receives Inventors Champion Award during the National Inventors WEEK 2022

On November 21 - 25, 2022, the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS), Inc. spearheaded the celebration of the 2022 National Inventors Week (NIW) held in the Activity Center of Ayala Malls Manila Bay. FIS is a 78-year-old organization of Filipino Inventors, recognized by law under Republic Act 7459, or the “Inventors and Invention Incentives Act of the Philippines” that has a mission to support and promote the inventions and creative innovations of Filipino inventors. Sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), DOST- Technology and Promotions Institute (TAPI), and the DOST National Capital Region Office, the 5-day event included onsite talks and an invention contest in different categories which was participated by inventors and innovators nationwide.

The first day of the celebration opened up with a formal program and ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was attended by the members of the FIS board, inventors, teachers, and students from various academic institutions like the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) - Visayas, Lagro High School, and Timoteo Paez Integrated School, other inventor society groups and associations, representatives of different public agencies, like the local government unit of Parañaque City, and as well as private agencies like Bauertek Corporation. A press conference was also held right after the ceremonies, to further make known this national celebration.

Photo: Ms Mariela Alcaparas and Mr Steve Chaves hosting the opening ceremonies (DPhotography, 2022)

Photo: The AIPO Booth with Mr Bryan Erfe explaining the services and the work of the office

The succeeding days were allotted for various talks and for NIW inventor contest judges to roam around the different exhibition booths in the activity center and eventually concluded with an awarding ceremony on November 24, 2022. The first-prize winners of the contest in each category were the following:

  1. Inv William Chua’s Manila Bloc - Most Outstanding Patent Invention,

  2. Inv Mardinio Azores’ Multi-purpose Drier - Most Outstanding Utility Model,

  3. Inv Flordeliza Ursua’s Panflute - Most Outstanding Industrial Design,

  4. Ms Aijie Grado, Ms Marian Ashley Cabrera, and Ms Edita Camboa’s Breathing Assistant Automated Mechanical Ventilator (Timoteo Paez Integrated School) - Most Outstanding Student Creative Research (High School Division),

  5. Mr Bryan Henry Alcantara, Mr John Teo Buen, Mr Claire John Esparagoza, Mr Joemil Gulmatico, Mr Jade Robert Nierves, Mr Aljon Pcardo, Mr Adrian Paul Relacion, and Mr Loise Riviera’s Floating Fishing Buoy with a System of Renewable Solar Panel Station and Multi-purpose Lamp (TUP Visayas) - Most Outstanding Student Creative Research (College Division).

  6. Bauertek Corporation - Best Booth

  7. Bauertek Corporation - Best Commercial Product

  8. Inv Josephine Jimeno - Best Promising Product

  9. Timoteo Paez Integrated School - Best Supporting School

The Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) helped facilitate the various opening, awarding, and lecture programs by having its members serve as facilitators and master of ceremonies. They were Ms Mariela Alcaparas, Mr Steve Chaves, and Mr Bryan Erfe. In recognition of AIPO’s invaluable contributions to the goals of the FIS, not only during this event, but also in the past two years of their partnership, the FIS awarded the AIPO with an Inventors Champion Award.

Photo: AIPO representatives receiving the FIS Inventors Champion Award (DPhotography, 2022)

Participating in this event has helped open possible collaborations between AIPO and the innovators who attended, two of which are already in talks with the AIPO now. The FIS and AIPO hope to continue their partnership in promoting, protecting, and commercializaing Filipino-made innovations for the benefit of society.



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