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AIPO successfully launches TechXplore Japan

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the pilot program, TechXplore: Japan. Running from July 23 to 29, this immersive experience took Ateneo students on an exhilarating journey to delve into Japan's dynamic technology ecosystem. The primary objectives of this venture were to spark the entrepreneurial zeal within the participants, inspiring them to generate innovative solutions and make a substantial impact on society. Throughout the program, the students engaged with a diverse spectrum of Japanese companies, spanning from promising startups to global technology giants.

Photo: Xploring at Leave a Nest

Sixteen talented Ateneo students embarked on this enlightening expedition, starting with a visit to Leave a Nest, where they received a comprehensive orientation on Japanese work culture. During this orientation, they were also introduced to the array of companies they would be visiting during their stay. Notable stops on their journey included Panasonic, Creative Lab for Innovation in Kobe, and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. during their exploration of Osaka. Their Tokyo tour featured visits to prominent companies such as Sony, Euglena, Ashirase at Honda, Hamano Products, and Center of Garage.

Photo: Xploring at Panasonic

Photo: Xploring at Rohto Pharmaceutical

Photo: Xploring at Hamano Products

Photo: Xploring at Euglena

Photo: Presenting at Euglena

Photo: Xploring at Sony

At each company, the students had the unique opportunity to present current challenges facing the Philippines and propose how these companies could engage with the Philippine market. This exchange of ideas provided Japanese companies with valuable insights into potential opportunities within the Philippine market. In return, the students received guided tours of these companies' offices, laboratories, and factories, enriching their understanding of both professional and startup cultures in Japan.

In the brief duration of TechXplore: Japan, this program has bestowed the students with invaluable insights into Japan's technological landscape. AIPO eagerly anticipates future iterations of the program, which will offer even deeper insights and opportunities for students to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology.


The Ateneo TechXplore program is here to continue. Please check out our website for future announcements at or email us at You may also check our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the latest updates and announcements.


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