Innovation is key.

Only those who have the agility to change with the market and innovate quickly will survive.

- Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Ideation Support

Ideation arises from conducting enough research about the user which will then lead to identifying a clear problem.


There are various ideation techniques that could be used to come up with a diverse range of ideas.

The group helps the university and its partners generate Intellectual Property (IP) that is useful, relevant, and commercializable.

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Protection & Education

Intellectual property protection and education plays a crucial role in stimulating innovation.


Through protection, the creators share their work to the public permitting others to learn from it and encouraging development of new technologies or improving on the existing ones.

The group educates creators on safeguarding their intellectual properties and implement effective ways to protect their ideas.

Commercialization &

Business Incubation

Scientific research and innovation can only be useful if society truly benefits from them.

The group commercializes research and innovations, supports its startups, and helps improve their chances to meet the needs of society.

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Ateneo's Premiere Start-up Incubation Program

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The Blue Nest caters to the needs of startups both within and outside of the university by providing valuable mentoring and networking with the sphere of influence of an established premiere university.


As a university-based incubator, it also provides start-ups a collaborative and thinking space to operate within the sprawling campus and support facilities of ADMU.


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