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Ateneo Intellectual Property Office's Insightful Workshop: Exploring Patent Searching and Drafting

In the realm of intellectual property (IP), understanding patents is crucial for fostering innovation and safeguarding ideas. Recently, the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) organized a 4-day workshop on Patent Searching and Drafting. The workshop spanned over four (4) sessions held on different dates, starting on April 2, followed by sessions on April 5, April 12, and concluding on April 16. Over forty (40) participants, including students, faculty, staff, and entrepreneurs, gathered to delve into the world of patents.

 Image: Group photo of the attendees of the Workshop

The workshop, organized by AIPO's Protection and Education Group, offered a comprehensive journey through various aspects of patenting, providing attendees with essential knowledge and practical skills. Each day of the workshop was carefully designed to cover foundational elements essential for navigating the complexities of patents.

The workshop began with an introductory session led by Ms Madielaine Fatallo, Research Officer III at AIPO. Participants gained insights into the basics of intellectual property, laying a solid foundation for understanding the importance of patents in protecting innovative ideas. 

Ms Vanessa Malapit, Head of Protection and Education and ITSO Manager at AIPO, guided participants through the nuances of Prior Art Search. Attendees learned the significance of thorough research in identifying existing inventions, along with insights from Dr Proceso Fernandez, Director of AIPO, on recognizing patentable ideas amidst innovation.

Dr Proceso Fernandez returned on the third day to delve into the art of patent drafting, focusing on crafting robust claims. Participants learned the importance of formulating clear and concise claims to define the scope of patent protection.

The workshop concluded with Dr Proceso Fernandez leading discussions on drafting comprehensive patent specifications. Attendees gained practical insights into articulating detailed descriptions of inventions, crucial for facilitating understanding by patent examiners and potential investors alike.

The Patent Searching and Drafting Workshop at AIPO served as a beacon of knowledge, guiding aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. Through expert-led sessions and hands-on exercises, participants gained a deeper understanding of patent fundamentals and honed practical skills essential for navigating the patenting process. As we continue to journey through an era of innovation, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of creativity and protecting intellectual property rights.

The workshop reflects Ateneo's commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering a community of forward-thinkers ready to contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of intellectual property.


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