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AIPO Successfully Wraps Up Pilot Singapore Startup Engagement Program

The Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) successfully concluded the pilot run of its Startup Engagement Program held in Singapore. This pilot program, which ran from June 4 to 24, 2023 was co-organized with Leave a Nest, Singapore. The main concept of the Startup Engagement Program was to have a win-win interaction between the Ateneo students and Singaporean technology startups. Specifically, the program aimed to expose students to the innovation and startup ecosystem of Singapore, help them gain real-world experience, and develop their cross-cultural competencies. The program also aimed to provide Singaporean startups insights from the Philippine perspective and as well as explore opportunities in the Philippine market. Over the course of three weeks, the Ateneo students engaged with the Singaporean startups to craft a strategy plan for these startups to enter the market of the Philippines.

Photo (Bryan Erfe): Orientation day at Leave a Nest, Singapore Office

Photos (Bryan Erfe): Students being introduced to the different startups; Orientation day

A diverse group of twelve students from different courses in the Ateneo participated in the pilot program. The students were hosted by six Singaporean companies including Leave a Nest itself. The other companies that participated in this program were Handplus Robotics, Reactor School, SinFooTech, Umami Meats, and WaveScan. The students and startups were matched with each other taking into account the students’ skillsets and the startups’ needs. Two students were assigned per startup.

Photos (Bryan Erfe): Students in action

Photos (Bryan Erfe): Last day in Singapore

In line with the Ateneo de Manila’s internationalization push, it is hoped that future iterations of the program would present more in-depth learning opportunities and be expanded to more countries to inspire students to innovate. The program not only provided a valuable learning experience but also offered Ateneo students a chance to showcase their skills on the international stage.


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