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  • May Ann Udtojan, Vanessa Malapit and Steve Chaves

Engr. Mark Kennedy Bantugon's Sealant Invention Sets an Impressive Patent Approval Pace

The Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) would like to congratulate Engr Mark Kennedy Bantugon, an Ateneo Blue Nest incubatee, for breaking the record for the fastest patent application approval by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. His patent was granted on April 11, 2023, just 18 months after filing, a remarkable record as the average time of processing is 48 months.

Photo: Ms Madielaine Fatallo from PEG (left-most), Ms Vanessa Malapit, Head of PEG (left), Dr Jon Fernandez, Director of AIPO (center-left), Engr Mark Kennedy Bantugon (center-right), Engr Benjamin Mirasol (right), Head of CBIG and Ms May Ann Udtojan from CBIG (right-most).

The patent titled "Composition Comprising Resin from Canarium ovatum Tree and Method of Making Thereof for Sealants and Flame Retardants," is a novel invention in the aviation sector and the field of adhesive and sealant industries.

Engr Bantugon's patent application was filed with the assistance of the Protection and Education Group (PEG) of AIPO, which served as Bantugon’s agent for the process. The patented invention is a revolutionary innovation in the aviation, adhesive, and sealant industries as it uses not only the raw pili tree resin but also its waste material (known as spent resin) as the base ingredient for the sealant formulation.

One of the unique features of this product invention is that it offers safe and non-toxic effects to the user's health, including mechanics and technicians. The product is also environmentally friendly since it is made from a waste material that is often discarded.

The composition is a significant breakthrough for the aviation industry, as it provides a safe and effective sealant that does not compromise the quality and reliability of the aircraft. Bantugon's patent is not only groundbreaking but also timely as the aviation industry continues to grapple with environmental and health compliance guidelines.

The use of pili tree resin and its waste material in creating the sealant formulation is also a game-changer in the adhesive and sealant industries, as it offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the use of products that are not toxic to humans and the environment.

This invention is proof that Filipino inventors can compete in the global arena–one that could inspire the next generation of innovators to continue pushing through the boundaries of what is possible. The patent approval serves as a testament to the ingenuity and determination of Bantugon together with the AIPO, committed to providing support and resources to innovative startups.

AIPO acknowledges and commends the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) for their utmost professionalism and efficiency in handling and processing the patent application. AIPO remains committed to helping their inventors not only safeguard their innovations but also bring these innovations to the market.


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