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Unleashing the Power of Patents: AIPO's Comprehensive Workshops on Patent Search and Drafting

The Patent Search and Patent Drafting Workshop, organized by the Protection and Education Group (PEG) of the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) took place via Zoom on April 11, 14, 18, and May 2, 2023. Over the course of four days, the workshop provided comprehensive coverage of various patent-related subjects, including fundamental patent concepts and the formulation of claims and specifications. A total of 47 individuals, consisting of paid participants from both within and outside the Ateneo community, actively participated in the workshop series.

Image: Patent Workshop Poster and Participants

The series began on April 11, where the concept of a patent and its significance in safeguarding intellectual property was introduced. The participants learned about the different types of patents, the requirements for patentability, the benefits of obtaining a patent, and the patent application process in the Philippines.

In the second session on April 14, one of the key topics discussed was the process of conducting a patent search. Participants were introduced to the various search tools and strategies used in identifying relevant prior art and were taught how to draft a patent search report. The significance of conducting a thorough search was also emphasized, as it can help in the early identification of potential patentability issues. The participants were taught how to spot patentable ideas and how to draft claims that accurately describe the scope of the invention. Also, the fundamentals of drafting a patent application, including the key elements of a patent specification and the importance of clearly defining the invention, were discussed on the third and fourth days of the workshop series, respectively.

An exciting incentive was also introduced during the workshop: the first participant who submitted a patent draft for his or her technology would be provided with free patent assistance by the AIPO. This assistance includes full coverage of the patent application fees charged by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). The eligibility for this assistance would be evaluated based on the quality of the submitted patent document.

Throughout the workshop series, attendees were encouraged to ask questions, participate in the discussion, and present the exercises given to them. The hands-on exercises allowed the participants to apply what they had learned during the course of the 4-day workshop. Overall, the patent search and drafting workshops gave participants insightful knowledge of the intricate realm of patent law. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the patenting process and acquired useful skills that they can use to improve their own inventions. The workshop series was a huge success, and we look forward to offering more patent workshops in the future.


To be updated on the schedule for the next batch of patent workshops, you may visit or email them at You may also check out their Facebook and Linkedin pages for the latest updates and announcements.


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