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Empowering Innovators and Researchers: Trademark Awareness Workshop for Sandbox Residents

Updated: Jul 4

On June 11, 2024, the Sandbox Student Challenge Program at Arete,  Ateneo de Manila University, hosted its First Quarter workshop, culminating in End-of Challenge presentations by the Sandbox Student Challengers. This was followed by an insightful workshop focused on Intellectual Property (IP). The event was organized by The Sandbox team in collaboration with the Protection and Education Group (PEG) of the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO). The aim was to educate student innovators and inventors residing at The Sandbox Zone about the intricacies of intellectual property, particularly focusing on trademarks.

Image: AIPO Team with the Sandbox Residence and Student Challengers

The workshop, led by Ms Vanessa Malapit MSc, covered fundamental aspects of trademarks, emphasizing their role in identifying and distinguishing products or services in the marketplace. Participants learned about the importance of trademark registration for securing rights and building brand recognition. Practical advice was provided on managing and protecting trademarks, supported by real-world examples that illustrated common challenges and effective solutions.

The workshop concluded with a hands-on activity where attendees filled out trademark registration forms, allowing them to apply the knowledge gained during the session.

Overall, the workshop underscored the crucial role of IP education in empowering student innovators to safeguard their intellectual creations effectively. By equipping participants with practical insights and encouraging active participation, the event aimed to cultivate a culture of innovation and protection among young inventors.


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