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Enhancing Innovation and IP Awareness: Patent Searching and Drafting Workshop for SOSE Faculty

In pursuit of fostering innovation, promoting intellectual property (IP) awareness, and nurturing the commercialization potential of research endeavors, the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO), together with the School of Science and Engineering (SOSE), hosted an informative two-day workshop on Patent Searching and Drafting.

The workshop took place on August 1 and 2 and was attended by SOSE faculty members and staff, led by the SOSE Dean, Dr Raphael Guerrero, alongside a cohort of graduate students who are actively engaged in research. The workshop’s primary objective is to provide attendees with an understanding of how to conduct a patent search and how to comprehensively draft a patent document.

Image: Participants with the SOSE Dean, Dr Raphael Guerrero (center-left), and

the AIPO Director, Dr Jon Fernandez (center-right)

Under the guidance of the AIPO Director, Dr Proceso “Jon” Fernandez, the first day of the workshop delved into the basics of intellectual property, wherein the concept of a patent and its significance in safeguarding intellectual property were introduced. The various search tools and strategies used in identifying relevant prior art searches were also discussed. The significance of conducting a thorough search was also emphasized, as it can help in the early identification of potential patentability issues.

On the second day of the workshop, the participants were taught how to spot patentable ideas and how to draft claims that accurately describe the scope of the invention. Also, the fundamentals of drafting a patent application, including the key elements of a patent specification and the importance of effectively drafting the specifications were discussed. This brought a practical and insightful perspective to the proceedings, ensuring that participants received actionable insights that could be directly applied to their research.

Image: AIPO Director, Dr Jon Fernandez, served as the speaker for the workshop

This joint initiative by SOSE and AIPO aligns perfectly with the broader goals of fostering a vibrant innovation ecosystem within and outside the university. The workshop not only equips participants with the know-how to navigate the intricate landscape of intellectual property but also serves as a catalyst for transforming creative ideas into tangible, commercially viable assets.

Image: SOSE faculty, staff, and graduate student participants

The workshop unfolds SOSE's commitment to fostering innovation, research, and entrepreneurship, creating a significant influence on both the academic community and the broader innovation landscape. This workshop series for SOSE faculty was a huge success, and we look forward to offering more patent workshops in the future.


If you are interested in joining the upcoming patent searching and drafting workshop, you may email us at To know more about our office, you may visit our website at You may also check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the latest updates and announcements.


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