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Enhancing Intellectual Property Skills: AIPO Member Joins Japan Patent Office Training PrograM

Updated: Apr 11

Spanning from August 23rd to October 5th, 2023, Ateneo Intellectual Property Office’s Head of Protection and Education, Vanessa Malapit MSc attended the Japan Patent Office/Intellectual Property Rights (JPO/IPR) Training Course for Practitioners Specializing in Patents held in the AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center (TKC), Japan. The training course had two distinct phases—online from August 23rd to September 19th, followed by an in-person session from September 28th to October 5th of 2023. The program was aimed at equipping participants with comprehensive insights and practical skills for navigating the intricate world of patents.

Image: Ms Malapit receiving a certificate of completion

The online sessions focused on the discussion of patentability requirements, such as the careful assessment of patents’ specifications for novelty, inventive steps, and industrial applicability. It navigated the strategic handling of practical office action with a follow-up lesson on IP strategy in companies and also included the evaluation of IP asset values focusing on factors like market dynamics, innovation potential, and competitive advantages, insights into patent management within companies, and a patent license session.

Alternatively, the live sessions focused on hands-on training with mentors, involving practices of mock license negotiations, contract drafting, claim drafting exercises, and mock trials of patent infringement. Overall, the 18-day online and in-person training encapsulated comprehensive learning and practice of Japanese IP law intricacies. 

Applicants from the Philippines for this training underwent a meticulous selection process administered by the Human Resource Management and Development Division (HRMDD) in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) - Foreign Training Assessment Committee (FTAC). Following a thorough evaluation, two Filipino participants were chosen to partake in the training. In total, the program included seventeen (17) participants from nine different countries, all of whom are distinguished IP professionals representing diverse disciplines and industries.

Image: Participants of JPO/IPR training course for IP practitioners; photo grabbed from the official Facebook page of JPO

Embracing the opportunity to enhance our expertise, Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) is committed to continually enhancing its IP services and providing the best possible support for innovators in the country. 

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