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Jeremake and the Make-roscope collaborates with Xavier School

On August 10th, a significant event marked the commencement of a promising collaboration between the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) and Xavier School. Their primary objective: to usher in a new era of STEM education in the Philippines by utilizing the Make-roscope, an affordable and ultra-portable keychain microscope, invented by Jeremy De Leon. The Make-roscope can be placed on the front camera of any smartphone or tablet, magnifying organisms from 125X to 400X, which provides an alternative to commercially available compound light microscopes.

The day began with a comprehensive presentation by Mr Christopher Peabody, faculty of the Department of Biology in the Ateneo de Manila University and an AIPO mentor, who shed light on the prevailing challenges within Philippine science education, drawing insights from previous visits to other schools.

Photo: Mr Christopher Peabody introducing the Make-roscope

Jeremy De Leon then took center stage to narrate the Make-roscope's journey, from its inception to the remarkable innovations that have shaped it into its current form. Following this enlightening session, the science faculty had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the Make-roscope. They explored various materials, from prepared slides to sugar grains and even the tip of a ballpoint pen. The enthusiasm of the participants was palpable, and their feedback emphasized the tool's potential as a valuable asset in their teaching endeavors.

Photo: Demonstration of the Make-roscope

Photo: Xavier School Science Faculty exploring the Make-roscope

The cornerstone of the collaboration extends to Xavier School's science faculty to participate in the creation and refinement of biology modules tailored for the Make-roscope. In return, Jeremake will offer the Make-roscope kits, empowering Xavier School's students with access to this innovative educational tool.

Photo: Xavier School Science Faculty with Jeremake and AIPO

This initial demonstration event signifies the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between Xavier School and AIPO/Jeremake. It is poised to not only elevate the quality of science education in the Philippines but also to inspire students to embark on a journey of learning enriched by the joy of discovery.


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