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AIPO collaborates with DOST-NCR for Intellectual Property Awareness Session

In collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology - National Capital Region (DOST-NCR) and its Clustered Area Science and Technology Offices (CASTOs), which provide various technical advisory and consulting services to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) under DOST’s flagship program, the Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), the Protection and Education Group of the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) conducted an intellectual property (IP) awareness session for their technical staff.

The session, held via Zoom on June 14, 2024, was attended by over 20 participants. The event aimed to enhance technical support by extending IP awareness and assistance to SETUP-assisted MSMEs and other stakeholders. This initiative helps CASTOs assist MSMEs in recognizing the significance of intellectual property and the value inherent in their intangible assets.

Photo: AIPO Team and DOST technical staff who attended the learning session.

The learning session covered an overview of the intellectual property system and its importance, the different types of intellectual property protection, some examples and applications of these IPs to enterprises, and best practices and strategies for identifying and protecting intellectual property.

Ms Madielaine Fatallo, Research Officer III from AIPO’s Protection and Education Group (AIPO-PEG), delivered an in-depth presentation on the intricacies of the intellectual property system, covering various aspects of intellectual property, including the fundamental principles and processes involved in obtaining patents, utility models, and industrial designs. The discussion provided detailed insights into how these types of intellectual property protection can be utilized to safeguard innovations and designs, emphasizing their importance for MSMEs.

Additionally, Ms Vanessa Malapit MSc, Head of AIPO-PEG, emphasized the importance of trademark and copyright protection for MSMEs, explaining how these can help MSMEs establish and protect their brand identity, prevent unauthorized use of their creative works, and enhance their market competitiveness. It also underscored the crucial role of intellectual property in fostering business growth and innovation among MSMEs.

Photo (L-R): Ms Madielaine Fatallo and Ms Vanessa Malapit were awarded certificates of appreciation by the DOST representative.

This collaborative learning activity served as one of the initial capacity-building initiatives by DOST-NCR for their technical personnel engaged in technology transfer and the implementation of the DOST Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). By enhancing staff knowledge of intellectual property concepts and applications, DOST and AIPO aim to improve technology dissemination and support, thereby fostering innovation and sustainable business growth among MSMEs.


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