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AIPO speaks to ASEAN Youth on matters of Intellectual Property Rights

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, a lecture on the Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) was held via Zoom Webinar as part of the ASEAN Youth Digital Forum (AYDF), focusing on the power of innovation protection for young entrepreneurs. This gathering, hosted by the ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), aimed to demystify intellectual property (IP) rights for the youth –– a strong driving force behind a burgeoning digital economy in the ASEAN region.

Photo of Ms Audi Aulia Nashuha of AYO
Photo: Ms Audi Aulia Nashuha of AYO served as event emcee

In today’s digital era, where innovation fuels progress, understanding how to protect one’s creative works is crucial. The lecture offered attending young entrepreneurs some important tools and knowledge to navigate the complex world of IP rights, to ensure their innovations can remain safeguarded in a competitive digital landscape.

The event was designed with two clear objectives: to bolster IP protection in the ASEAN region, to encourage an environment where innovation can flourish, and to spark collaboration between the young minds leading the digital charge and the experienced mentors guiding them.

Key insights were shared by experts in the field. Atty Mitchel Chua from Gateway IP Services, Singapore, provided a crash course on the essentials of IP, covering patents, trademarks, and copyrights. This foundation equips participants with a basic understanding of their rights and the protections available.

Photo of Atty Mitchel Chua
Photo: Atty Mitchel Chua delivering his lecture on IP Basics

Adding depth, the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) represented by Mr Steve Chaves, Philippines, focused on IPR strategies for the digital economy. He shared how technology transfer and strategic IP management have propelled youth-led startups to success, offering tangible examples like SOLX (formerly EXORA) and Jeremake, and how IP rights have made an impact in bridging the gap between idea and market.

Photo of Mr Steve Chaves
Photo: Mr Steve Chaves delivering his lecture on IP commercialization

The AYDF marks a significant step towards empowering ASEAN’s next generation of entrepreneurs. By arming them with the knowledge to protect their innovations, the forum not only supports the growth of the digital economy but also its long-term vitality and resilience. For ASEAN’s young innovators, the event serves as a reminder: in the fast-evolving digital world, understanding and protecting your IP is as critical as the innovation itself.


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